Get Your Home
Ready to
Sell for More

With our team of professionals, you can get your home ready to sell for more with no upfront costs.

Other companies offer to buy your home for cash, but often you’ll receive less than your home appraisal value. If you need to sell for more, we’re ready to help. Here’s how it works.

Home Appraisal

We agree to sell your home and award you the appraisal value. All contract terms are outlined for your approval.

Renovate & Update

We spend our own money to renovate and update your home to fetch the best possible price, usually within five weeks.

Sell It For More

After your home sells, we pay out your appraisal value and renovation value, then split the remaining profit.

Step 1: Home Appraisal

Before work starts, we evaluate your home’s sale value and estimate the amount of work we need to do. After we develop our renovation plan, we present the contract terms for you to review. We go over every detail of the arrangement until we’ve come to a mutually satisfactory arrangement. Once the contract is signed, our team of professionals gets to work. Learn more about our renovation services.

Step 2: List and sell your home fast

Our renovations are calculated to maximize the value of your home sale. We handle all aspects of the project, from interior renovations to interior design, staging, and curb appeal. Our years of experience in the Calgary market mean we understand how to bring in qualified buyers quickly. We can recommend our partnered Realtors® or work with yours to list and sell your property.

Step 3: Get paid more for the sale

Once the house sells, we divide the return based on the terms of the contract. The base appraisal value of the home always goes to you, so you never lose money. The renovation costs are paid out of the sale profit, and the balance is divided between you and Sell It For More based on your contract costs. It really is more money for everyone!

Before & After​

See how we’ve helped other homeowners update and renovate their homes for quick and profitable sales.

Renovate - Liquidate - Celebrate!

Renovate your home for free, sell it for more, and turn your loss into a gain! Contact our team of experts today for an appraisal and custom plan with no commitment and no upfront fees.