What else do I need to do to prepare?

Your happiness and satisfaction is our top priority. In order to make things as efficient, convenient and straightforward as possible we have set out below a few requirements that we will need on your part before we begin your project.

In preparation of our arrival we kindly require the following:

Please ensure areas being painted are accessible and ready for painting.

For Interiors: This requires furniture being moved away from the walls and any pictures or wall hanging to be removed. (Any large items can be arranged with our team if necessary).

We ask that all interior areas and surfaces to be painted are free of any dust and any other dirt or debris prior to painting. Interior Painting can be an invasive, and we may need to occupy a lot of your space, depending on the scope of work. We understand it’s not always possible, but ask for the areas being painted to be vacant while we’re working in those areas.

For Exteriors: Please ensure all personal belongings are away from the property, and we have access to move around the property freely, with room to set up ladders and

In order to properly achieve safe ladder positioning, we also may need to access your neighbours’ yards on some projects, and kindly request they be notified of our arrival prior to the pressure washing phase.


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